Get your morning moving in a class with the ŻfinMalta company dancers and our guest teacher Nicola Micallef. Week 14 of this season’s company classes introduces yoga as a morning practice.

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Ticket sales for ŻfinMalta's Yoga open company classes unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Monday 12-Jun-2023. Ticket sales ended at Monday 12-Jun-2023 12:30.


Once a month for a week or more, local and international professional dance artists are invited to join the company’s morning practice.. Techniques explored are ballet, contemporary, and somatic practice. Classes are suitable for young dancers and established practitioners alike.  


ŻfinMalta provides an open and inclusive space where participants can further develop their professional practice, make connections, and experience life inside Malta’s National Dance Company.   

Week 14 – Yoga practice with Nicola Micallef 


“A lively dance of awakening supported by mindfulness meditation and breath awareness” 



Nicola’s yoga classes are a blend of active and receptive Vinyasa yoga practice with a focus on alignment. This form of Hatha yoga cultivates strength and flexibility. The aim of this week’s yoga practice is to establish a profound mind-body connection, stretching and strengthening the body, in a calm and supportive manner. With the occasional use of essential oils, we may enhance our attention to our breath, stimulating a deeper sensory experience as we move. You are invited to apply clarity, relax into openness, and be inspired through a creative flow, to access a deeper connection to our mental and physical structure. 




About Nicola Micallef 


Nicola Micallef, born in Malta 1999, began her Cecchetti Classical Ballet training with the Dance Workshop, where she developed a fascination for Contemporary Dance. She went on to pursue her career with ŻfinMalta National Dance Company, joining the company in 2017, under direction of Artistic Director, Paolo Mangiola. Following her four years of working intensively with the company, she embarked on a freelance career and relocated to Berlin, Germany. She has collaborated with a range of choreographers and performed internationally, including Dubai, and the UK.  


In addition to her passion for artistic movement, Nicola has cultivated a profound interest in the art of yoga. In December 2022, she completed her 200-hour teacher training program at La Casa Shambala in Thailand, where she attained certification in both Hatha and Vinyasa styles. She currently leads Vinyasa and Aromatherapy classes alongside her ongoing dance projects in Berlin. 




Booking information:   


If you purchase the 5-session package for this week, we kindly ask you to contact martina.d.zammit@zfinmalta.mt to confirm the dates you'll be attending.     


As places are limited, we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.  


ŻfinMalta’s full morning and evening class schedule and further information about guest teachers can be found here or follow updates on ŻfinMalta social media. 


Before attending any movement sessions under the umbrella of ZfinMalta’s Education and Participation programme, we require you hand in a signed copy of our participation form. It can be handed over to a ŻfinMalta staff member in hard copy or sent in soft copy to martina.d.zammit@zfinmalta.mt   


Check out ŻfinMalta's Class Policy for a few notes and tips in preparation for class etiquette and protocol.