Join us for the fourth appointment in the ŻfinMalta Movimento series for 2023 with our guest, Florinda Camilleri. Offering a brief overview of her research into feminist posthumanist perspectives of public space, Florinda leads audiences through an exercise in her developing practice “wanderMust” (an ethically-responsive need to wander the world by moving with-in it).

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In a time of environmental crises, we urgently need to re-consider our ways of relating with the world as humans. The field of posthumanism offers rich terrain(s) for this line of inquiry. One of its most prominent theorists, Karen Barad, states that, “ ‘We’ are not outside observers of the world. Nor are we simply located at particular places in the world; rather, we are part of the world in its ongoing intra-activity” (2003).

How might we come to the understand the human body in a posthuman way - not as a closed, singular unit, but a complex system of multiple components, always already embedded in wider webs of human and more-than-human matters? To answer this question, I turn to my dancing body as an apparatus for knowledge production, and situate myself outside of studio-based or proscenium arch practices into urban public spaces.


About Florinda Camilleri


Florinda is a dance artist from and based in Malta. She initiates, leads, and supports performing arts projects in Malta and internationally, taking on various roles as a contemporary dance and screendance performer, maker, collaborator, researcher, educator, rehearsal director, and producer. She graduated from Fontys University of Fine & Performing Arts with a Master of Arts in Performing Public Space in June 2022. In February 2023, she presented her first solo exhibition as part of the SPRING Program of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Affect Aliens. In March 2023, she delivered her first solo multidisciplinary performance Moving In Lines: Mapping Affective Geometries at the Casino Maltese, Valletta, by invitation of Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malta and the Victor Pasmore Gallery. Her work collaboratively investigates the sites of encounter between human and more-than-human bodies within public spaces through feminist and posthumanist perspectives, bringing forth questions of agency, responsibility, and care.



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