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Movimento is a series of five public, interactive talks presented from the perspective of artists outside of dance, looking in. Movimento takes a fresh and innovative approach to audience engagement, where invited guests share their experience of dance or movement, demystifying and making accessible this rich and beautiful art form and inviting the audience to become active spectators.

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Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for ŻfinMalta's Movimento - Talking Dance with Victor Jacono unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Thursday 09-Nov-2023. Ticket sales ended at Thursday 09-Nov-2023 19:30.


Movimento #1: 9th November 2023 – Talking Dance with Victor Jacono

Time: 18:30 – 19:45

Location: ŻfinMalta Studios

Cost: €5

Age: 12+


Probing movement … A dramaturg’s experience

Join us for the first appointment within ŻfinMalta’s Movimento series for the 23/24 season with our guest, Victor Jacono who will be sharing his experience with dance dramaturgy.

“The dramaturg’s work may be too complex to capture in a few words, but I have a soft spot for synthetic definitions, so … for me, dramaturgy is empowering the artist’s work, that in turn is empowering the creative encounter between the artist and the beholder.

Along with sharing his experience of movement and dance through this lens, during this session he shall be sharing his multifaceted approach to dramaturgy whilst producing some dramaturgical tools that participants can try out.


Dr. Victor Jacono is a senior lecturer and coordinates the Performing Arts programmes at MCAST’s Institute for the Creative Arts. He is a theatre director and playwright, with a keen interest in relating complexity and brain science to performer training and creativity. He has been collaborating with ŻfinMalta on a number of projects, including dramaturgical collaborations with Paolo Mangiola, Sergiu Matis, the New Victorians and Adriano Bolognino.


Contact ŻfinMalta Education & Outreach Artist or visit our Movimento page for further info. This is a limited capacity event, so book your seat in advance to avoid disappointment.


Further information on ŻfinMalta’s Education & Participation programme can be found here or follow our updates on our social media channels.