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Get moving with ŻfinMalta on Monday and Tuesday evenings at our community dance classes, led by expert teachers. Open to participants from all backgrounds and levels of fitness and flexibility, these fun and accessible classes address our fundamental human need to move. Most importantly, no previous experience in dance is required.

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Bookings are to be made by noon of every Monday. Classes with under 4 participants will be cancelled and the company will not be held liable for same day bookings made after this time. Cancelled or missed classes can be replaced free of charge on another Monday of the participants' choosing. Contact Martina Zammit for last minute booking queries.

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Monday, 24 June 2024 at 19:00

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Ballet classes led by Martina Zammit and Emma Walker

IŻFEN ma’ ŻfinMalta offers open ballet classes where participants are guided through the basics to develop skills, strength, confidence and ownership. Classes are led by ŻfinMalta’s Martina Zammit and Emma Walker, both also working together on delivering the company's Education and Outreach programme for the season. 

Bookings are to be made online in advance and participants interested in attending are to book their spot by noon of the same day so as to avoid disappointment.  

Sessions with under 4 participants will be cancelled.

For further information on ŻfinMalta Class Schedule visit: https://www.zfinmalta.org/calendar/classes/




Contemporary/Somatic led by Zoe Camilleri, Florinda Camilleri, Julienne Schembri, and Rachel Calleja.


Bookings are to be made in advance by contacting the sessions leaders.


Zoe Camilleri Book via zoe.camilleri1@gmail.com

The Iżfen contemporary classes led by Zoe are aimed for people who feel a calling to move and dance. Zoe started her professional dance journey with ŻfinMalta in 2014 as a full-time dancer. As a freelancer her roles range from dancer, performer, maker, educator, rehearsal and movement director and seamstress. She has been leading the Iżfen contemporary sessions since their start in 2021 and is excited to be back leading this growing and developing platform.

Iżfen is a space where people of any dance experience are welcome. During Zoe's open sessions we move away from focusing on aesthetics and learning stylised movement and move more towards finding and investing in how each of our bodies like to move. We will physically explore fluidity, coordination, groove and dynamics mostly through guided improvisation and simple contemporary dance techniques. If you would like to join, or are interested but have any questions, get in touch with Zoe on her email zoe.camilleri1@gmail.com


Julienne Schembri - Book via juschembri@gmail.com 

‘Somatic Dance’ is Julienne’s offering for the Iżfen series. Each session will engage in a creative process of learning dance calling from each persons’ felt experience. This class invites you to become an explorer, to investigate how movement, breath, mindful sensing and touch, can help you explore dancing from within.  We will introduce fundamentals for floorwork taking inspiration from concepts of the developmental movement patterns to support the development of dance technique, alongside improvisation and partner work to unleash the expressive dancer in you!

Julienne Schembri is an independent artist working in the community and a movement educator.  She holds a Masters from The London Contemporary Dance School, and is a certified movement analyst through Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst with EMOVE Institute in The Netherlands, where she currently teaches as an assistant on their modular training programs.  Independently, she works as a somatic movement educator to create communities of people moving together. She is co-founder of Dance Beyond Borders whose intention is to unite diverse people through the Arts.

Get in touch with Julienne at juschembri@gmail.com

Rachel Calleja - Book via rachel.calleja@gmail.com

Iżfen ma ŻfinMalta together with Growing Human offers ‘Mindful Movement’, a gentle practice that invites you to connect with your body, to start listening to your sensations, creating space for your imagination and allowing space for freedom. The movement invitations presented will be simple, allowing you to interpret them in any way that resonates with you. You cannot go wrong because this is your personal movement expression from start to finish! You are the master of your own body and you are encouraged to listen to it, to pause when you need to, dance like crazy or be in complete stillness. The only rule is to respect your body and those around you. Nothing else is required, you are welcome as you are.

Why practice mindful movement? Mindful movement is a calming practice that nourishes awareness and attention. It is a safe and non-judgemental space to connect with self and others. It also benefits you on every level – physical, mental and emotional! This practice is led by mover, creative and therapist Rachel Calleja. Rachel is invested in researching, practicing and sharing mindful movement and the different states of awareness that can be accessed through nourishing focus and awareness. It has changed her life and hopes it can have a positive impact on yours too.

Book your session with Rachel Calleja at: rachel.calleja@gmail.com

For further scheduling information visit: https://www.zfinmalta.org/calendar/classes/

Make sure to select the date you would like to attend our classes from the drop-down menu below! If you are booking a monthly package, kindly do so by choosing the first date of the month.

Check out our Class Policy for details on getting to the location and preparing for sessions  


Fill in our Participation form in advance of attending the session: https://forms.gle/qHp7xDezCP9vbQNb6 

Only one form will need to be filled in per participant for the season’s activities (September 2023 – July 2024)