Reasons Not to Miss Giorgia Angiuli, Talented Techno Act Playing Live in Malta


Giorgia angiuli


She sings, mixes and plays a wide variety of musical instruments all over the sound of a techno beat – meet the talented Giorgia Angiuli.


On June 28, ALIVE will be presenting Giorgia Angliuli playing a live set at Marrakech at the Gianpula Complex supported by Ramzi, Dre', Interstate and Blackfive. Allow us to give you a few valid reasons why this will not be your average techno night and why you should certainly arrange to see her play.

Musicality in techno


Giorgia Angiuli will be playing her own style of techno using live instrumentation, synthesizers and her voice. She grew up in a very musical family in Puglia and from this upbringing transitioned this knowledge to the world of electronic music. It’s not uncommon to see her playing electronic and portable versions of stringed and wind instruments on stage.


She also makes use of synthesizers to help give her an otherworldly sound. She is no doubt a fan of old school and vintage synths that give her sets another layer.


A unique live set for Malta

Giorgia Angiuli playing live - photo by @miguelfotografia


What separates Giorgia Angiuli from the vast majority of techno DJs is that she plays her music live. That means that every set she plays is unique in it’s own right – no two sets are ever the same.


This allows for artistic creativity and a much larger range of freedom of musical expression. It also gives way to personalize sets for different moods or settings. It will be interesting to see how she interprets her style of techno at Marrakech’s open air space.


Giorgia Angiuli is the definition of a successful female artist


By any definition, Giorgia Angiuli is a hugely successful female producer and live artist.


By simply having a look at her Spotify streams, she has the majority of her streams divided from Berlin, Istanbul, Mexico City and Bogota – that’s four different continents.


On factor is that Giorgia Angiuli has released on some of the biggest labels in the industry including Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Kevin Saunderson’s legendary techno KMS, Einmusika and more.


Lastly, she is very well travelled, having played clubs such as Berghain, Watergate, Rex, The Egg, Amnesia, Warung and D-Edge. Festival-wise it’s even harder to keep track – count Zurich Open Air, Kappa Futur, Fusion, Exit, Sandbox to begin with.


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This is a guest post by Luc Rouffaud, founder and managing editor of Underground Sound

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