11 Whisky, Wine Bars and Pubs in Valletta





With its extremely rich cultural heritage, and unique architecture, the city has always been a must-see area for everyone and anyone who visits the islands. Let’s hit the ground running with a list of the top nightlife venues and bars in the capital. As things currently stand, bars and clubs are closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, and as yet, there is no indication of when we’ll all be able to dance the night away again. In apprehension of their grand re-opening, however, here are the spots you should really take note of.

1. Alchemy Bar

Location: Strait Street

Known for its fancy mixology experience, Alchemy Bar also known by Mediterranean sailors as ‘The Gut’, is the place to be for Friday date nights or Known for its fancy and unique mixology experience, Alchemy Bar, also known to Mediterranean sailors as ‘The Gut’, is THE place to be on weekends. Perfect atmosphere for date night? Alchemy Bar. Catch-up with friends after work? Alchemy Bar.


2. Bridge Bar

Location: St Ursula Street

This bar is a super popular and vibrant venue, especially during the warmer months of the year, due to there being quite a decently sized outside area. For years now, this place has been the go-to bar for jazz and live music, in addition to the kick-ass view of the Grand Harbour. Just a tip: order your favourite glass of wine and appreciate the company, the music and the view, whilst sitting on the steps of St Ursula, which are just outside the small bar.

Bridge Bar

3. La Bottega

Location: Merchant’s Street

La Bottega is another favourite for the locals, as they too usually have live music performances, especially on weekends. The venue itself is on the small scale but do not fret, La Bottega has a myriad of tables just outside. Enjoy your Saturday night in the city, absorbing the lively atmosphere, as well as a couple of cocktails (and why not a platter, too?

La Bottega

4. Cafe Society

Location: St John’s Street

This one’s a little bit different. Sit outside on the ancient marble steps, take in the mellow atmosphere and live music, as you choose from an array of eclectic cocktails. Grab a couple of friends, reserve your seat on the steps and take it all in, you won’t regret it.

Cafe Society

5. Kennedy Bar and Bistro

Location: Strait Street

Kennedy Bar made its comeback after no less than half a century of neglect. The bar is small and cosy, but also offers outside seating. The place has a certain charm to it, as well as a rather extensive drinks menu and whether it’s a quick after-work or late night drink you’re after, you should really consider heading down to Kennedy.

Kennedy Bar and Bistro

6. La Valette #297

Location: Republic Street

This place is special and can definitely be considered to be something different. La Valette #297 is situated in the majestic building, which houses the Filharmonica Band Club ‘La Valette’. Order veal tripe (kirxa) and snails (bebbux) and experience the genuine local culture, traditions and daily gossip from the local visitors.

La Valette

7. Legligin

Location: St Lucia Street

Leglegin is primarily known for its impressive cellar, chock-full of wines from all over the world. If it’s the slightly more low-key atmosphere you’re after, this place is for you. Accompany your glass (or, let’s honest, glasses) or wine with some delicious tapas, and background music of old French music and jazz.


8. Queen Victoria Pub

Location: South Street

You just can’t miss The Queen Victoria City Pub, on South Street. The perfect place to buy a couple of beers and watch your favourite football team win, this pub is comparable to the pubs we have all visited at least once in our lives, in the UK. Offering a selection of craft beers, spirits and single malt whiskey, as well as a pub menu of nibbles, this place is the perfect way to bid farewell to your weekend.

Queen Victoria Pub

9. StrEat Whisky and Bistro

Location: Strait Street

StrEat, which can be found bang in the middle of the action, is famous for its range of worldwide whiskeys, of which they have over 200. If the weather is a little unpleasant, there is indoor seating downstairs but if it’s the atmosphere of Strait Street you’re looking for, have a seat outside and order yourself one of their top-range whiskeys!


10. Tico Tico

Location: Strait Street

A perfect night out, hosted by Tico Tico. Known best for its lively outdoor atmosphere, the bar is the place to go if you’re up for bar bites, delicious cocktails and people singing with gusto in the streets. Get the first-hand experience of Strait Street from Tico Tico’s perspective.

Tico Tico

11. Trabuxu

Location: South Street

Nestled below street level in a 400 year old stone vaulted cellar, Trabuxu is cosy and intimate during the winter months, and lively during the summer ones. This place is a popular post-theatre and concert hub, ensuring vibrant conversation and energy on a daily basis. Serious wine and cheese aficionados will genuinely love this place.


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