The Newly Refurbished Teatru Salesjan!





After an extensive 4-year renovation, Teatru Salesjan is reopening this Easter! The beloved theatre will open its doors in the first week of April Let’s dive into this theatre’s history and have a look at what’s been done!

Located in the heart of Sliema, Teatru Salesjan is the oldest existing theatre in the locality and one of the oldest working theatres in Malta, being founded in 1908. It echoes the creativity and commitment of the revered founder of the Salesians and visionary, Saint John Bosco. The Italian priest from Piedmont dedicated his life to children and youth, especially those in need, establishing oratories and houses. He created the Salesian Family, which today is a vibrant world-wide organisation encompassing several entities.

For generations, the Teatru Salesjan has been a thriving hub where young people have gathered to dance, act, sing, write and form lifelong friendships. To this day, this special theatre offers opportunities to the young people of Malta to develop their creative potential, with the goal of creating a more cohesive society.

Through a strategic partnership with Arts Council Malta and Teatru Malta, the Theatre’s team initiated a long-term plan to reinforce Teatru Salesjan’s position as a top venue for quality community work. The renovations works are extensive, and include an overhaul the side terrace, the refurbishing of wooden doors and apertures, the renewal the steel balcony, gypsum ceilings, paint, and installation of new auditorium acoustic curtains. 

One of the most impressive changes is the full restoration of the Giuseppe Cali fresco. A specialist team of professionals have cleaned the historic fresco, unveiling the vibrant original colours, some of which had been painted over through the years. This intricate endeavour requires immense precision and patience, but the results are spectacular! 

Another remarkable addition is the installation of acoustic ceilings in the understage, which is being transformed into an additional rehearsal and training room. Ginesia is also quite the show-stopper. You might ask, who is that? Ginesia is the new, opulent bordeaux velvet curtain which is now gracing the main stage. The name is inspired by San Ginesio theatre company, the first resident group back in 1910. Spanning the full breadth of the proscenium arch, the curtain stands tall and proud and is crafted from the finest velvet and is backed with fire retardant material, ensuring both elegance and safety.

Make sure to celebrate your love for the arts in a setting that honours the past while embracing the future, and visit Teatru Salesjan this coming April!

Shanna Mercieca


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