Late-Night Cheat Meals: Top Spots to Satisfy Your Cravings After a Night of Mischief






Whether you’re partying late into the night or finishing work late, you’ll probably need a quick food fix. There are several great spots where you can grab a bite to eat, read on to learn about the most popular late-night and 24-hour options across the island.

1. Hugo's Burger Bar, St Julian’s: Open till 02:00 on weekdays and till 05:00 on weekends. Located at the foot of Paceville’s iconic staircase, this local burger joint offers a variety of mouth-watering burgers and fast food to satisfy those late-night cravings.

2. Hermanos Burgers, Paceville: Open till 01:30 on weekdays and till 04:00 on weekends. This fast-growing burger chain has enjoyed impressive growth since opening its first outlet in May 2020. It’s known for its top-notch burgers that combine unique and flavourful ingredients.

3. McDonald’s, St Julian’s: Open till 01:00 on weekdays and till 05:00 on weekends. This classic and long-running fast food chain restaurant is located in Spinola Bay, a stone’s throw away from Paceville!

4. McDonald’s Drive-through, Għargħur and Luqa: Open 24 hours. If you’re looking for a speedy and contactless way to eat those delicious items you love, these two outlets located in Għargħur and in Luqa (right by the Malta International Airport) are open all day and night!

5. Halo Kebab & Tacos: Open till 04:00 on weekdays and till 05:00 on weekends. This is where Turkish and Mexican food meet. It's the crossover we didn’t know we needed. But the one we deserve!

6. Serkin - Crystal Palace Bar, Rabat: Open 24 hours. This super popular pastizzerija is located in Rabat and is always brimming with locals and tourists. Crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside; pastizzi are cheap, oily, and delicious – just what you need after a good night out!

BONUS: If you’re in Paceville, you’ll find no shortage of pizza nooks that sell savoury slices of heaven. Oil + cheese = chef’s kiss! 😋🍕

Whether you're in the heart of the nightlife in Paceville or exploring other areas of Malta, you're sure to find something to satisfy your late-night hunger. Did we miss any great late-night spots? Let us know!

Shanna Mercieca


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