Are you a new mum? Your social life is not over! Here are 6 things you can do with your babies!


Being home with a new baby, especially if you’ve been working and are now on maternity leave, is not as easy as it seems. The days can feel long and boring, and you would do just about anything for a normal adult conversation. This is why we have come up with a list of activities that will get you and bub out of the house, because new mums deserve a healthy social life too!

1. Baby massage 

Did you know that there are parent & baby workshops that teach you techniques on how to safely massage your baby? Each session is an opportunity for you to relax and bond with your baby, talk about relevant topics with the midwife, and ease yourself into parenthood in an environment where you can meet like-minded parents. Check out mymama for more info.

2. Sensory classes

Baby sensory classes are well-planned and extremely creative! The activities are never the same, and the equipment and arrangement used during play time is versatile, colourful and age appropriate. These classes offer babies and toddlers a place where they can have fun and meet other children. On the other hand, you can meet other parents whose kids are the same age as yours, and share any tips, ideas, thoughts or experiences with people who are in the same boat as you! Check out baby sensory classes here

3. Theatrical play

Little Bugzzz offer a unique, exciting and educational experience for your child. You’ll be actively involved in various activities, such as nursery rhymes, music, creative arts and crafts, free play and more. Did you know that sensory play is proved to support language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction? Check out Little Bugzzz here.

4. Aquamummies

Aqua Classes is all about fabulous new mamas! The focus is on getting back in shape and regaining muscle tone after pregnancy, while meeting other mums who are in the same life stage as yourself; giving you the opportunity to share experiences and make new friends. Click here for more information. 

5. Postnatal Pilates Classes 

Postnatal Pilates is another activity that is tailored for new mums. It aims to help mothers recovery from pregnancy and childbirth by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the damaged muscles. The exercises are deliberately gentle, enabling new mothers to heal and rebuild their strength in a safe way, and provide mums with an opportunity to treat themselves to some much needed ‘me time’. Check out the Malta Midwives Association for more info.

6. Social media

Nowadays, with social media it’s easy to meet other mothers who had just babies. There are many groups you can join! You can meet up for a coffee, share your experiences and possibly make life-long friends.

Shanna Mercieca


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