Daft Punk have announced that they are splitting up after 28 years

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They did so by means of a very Daft Punk - esque video posted to YouTube which you can watch here...

Daniel Scicluna, a local DJ behind the Sunny Side Up day parties summed it up nicely:

It is sad ... but come to think about it, it is soooo them. They have mapped their career with such surgical precision since their humble beginnings that I wouldn’t be surprised this (their ending) was already planned years back. They literally achieved everything they could get out of the music scene, they did it and won it all! So when is best to bow out? When you’re at your peak! You Arrogant Frenchmen hahaha

Album after album they gradually built around them this aura of superhuman nature until eventually they truly became a myth. Every single thing they did was shrouded in anticipation. Everything about them was dammm THRILLING. They took a genre of music, purely underground, and adapted it intelligently to the masses without outright selling themselves out, whilst keeping extremely high technical and musical standards from the studio to their legendary Alive sets.

Yes it is sad, but only cause I'm bitter that I will never get the chance to witness my all time idols perform.

I am truly happy to have witnessed such a flawless career.

What an example of class ????????????????????????

Daft Punk fo Lajf ??"

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