7 fun facts about the Isle of MTV in Malta!






Over the years, this sought-after festival has brought tens of thousands of music fans to the Floriana Granaries every year to enjoy showstopping performances from the world’s biggest stars! So here are 7 fun facts about this fun yearly staple in the Maltese calendar!

1. Did you know that this festival has been held in Malta since 2007? 
(Feel old yet? 🙃)


2. Entrance is free of charge, and there are no age limits!


3. A total of 14 editions of this popular festival have been held in Malta so far, and the location has never changed!


4. The first ever Isle of MTV featured the likes of Akon, Maroon 5, Enrique Iglesias and Maltese own popstar, Ira Losco!

Check out the video! #throwbackqawwi

5. Did you know that Enrique Iglesias performed in three different editions: 2007, 2008 and 2014! Enrique darling, it’s ok, we can’t get enough (of you) either! 😘

6. Jessie J stopped performing all together to break up a fight that broke out while she was gracing us with her fabulous vocals. She only continued once the incident was resolved! 👏

7. The iconic pop star Lady Gaga followed suit in Enrique’s footsteps and formed not just once, but twice! Some people will be shocked to learn that back in 2008, Malta was her first international performance! 🤯

By the time she returned a year later, she was already a superstar!

Shanna Mercieca


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