Valletta Campus Theatre VCT (Ex MITP), Merchants Street, Valletta, Malta View map

Moveo presents a groundbreaking collab with Cheryl Lofreda from The MVMT, merging Urban & Hip Hop with contemporary dance. A performance paying homage to Malta's watchtowers, symbolizing vigilance against modern threats. This fusion of styles explores fear, determination, and community safeguarding in the 21st century, addressing contemporary vulnerabilities and the quest for effective defenses.

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Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for Għajn Xtutna - Moveo Dance Company unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Sunday 04-Feb-2024. Ticket sales ended at Sunday 04-Feb-2024 17:30.


Experience the fusion of Urban/Hip Hop and contemporary dance in a groundbreaking collaboration between Moveo Dance Company and Cheryl Lofreda from The MVMT!  Journey through the centuries as we pay homage to Malta's historic watchtowers which served as vigilant strongpoints, defending against coastal threats with nightly manned surveillance. Ignite your senses with a visually stunning performance, drawing inspiration from the watchtowers' original concept and bringing it into the 21st century.  Explore emotions of fear, determination, and community safeguarding as we delve into the modern threats facing the Maltese islands. 

This fusion of styles offers a dance spectacle which questions our vulnerabilities and seeks innovative defenses against today's challenges.  Think outside the box and witness a captivating blend of history and contemporary artistry! Don't miss this extraordinary dance narrative that transcends time and resonates with the pulse of our modern world.