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The SPMO WIND QUARTET featuring Silvio Zammit - Flute; Alfred Fenech - Oboe; ; Noel Beck -Clarinet: Peter Lyndley - Bassoon

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A fascinating musical journey winding its magical ways from Mozart's Magic Flute, and Rondo alla Turca; and Delibes' Lakme, to the razzling, dazzling, dizzying heights of Broadway's famous Romantic Jazz Suite.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe describes the Quartet as four rational people having a conversation.  In this exciting and fast paced concert, four talented musicians , each in turn introduces a melody, or motif. While the others, are impatient to subsequently respond, and jump into the fray, and have their say with their own instruments. An enchanted musical evening destined to linger long down memory's lane.