Passion Manuscripts


St Gregory's Church, Triq San Girgor, Zejtun, Malta View map

Unearthing a priceless polyphonic treasure - Modern World Premier of works on "Lamentations of Jeremiah the prophet" by various composers published in Paris 1557.

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Conductor: Riccardo Bianchi 
Orchestra: ViBE - Valletta Baroque Ensmeble 
Genre: Early Renaissance

Unearthing a priceless polyphonic treasure - Modern World Premier of works on "Lamentations of Jeremiah the prophet" by various composers published in Paris 1557.

As the world winds down into a sombre state of reflection for the Easter Triduum, the office of darkness service has characterised the this iconic transition into Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

The original works are actually written for Renaissance formations and have been authentically transcribed by KorMalta Artistic Director Riccardo Bianchi for a much awaited revival. Featuring works by Jacques Arcadelt, Carpentras and Antoine de Fevin This service is marked by a reading from the book of Lamentations and the gradual extinguishing of candles and other lights until a single candle, considered a symbol of the Lord, remains.


Maundy Thursday INCIPIT: lamentatio Ieremiae CARPENTRAS (ca. 1470 – June 14, 1548)
ALEPH: Quomodo sedet ANTOINE DE FÉVIN (ca. 1470 – late 1511 or early 1512)
GIMEL: Migravit Iudas ANTOINE DE FÉVIN (ca. 1470 – late 1511 or early 1512)
ZAIN: Recordata est ANTOINE DE FÉVIN (ca. 1470 – late 1511 or early 1512)
ZAIN: Recordata est JACQUES ARCADELT (ca. 1507 – 14 October 1568)
Judas Mercator Pessimus Gregorian Chant, Liber Usualis

Good Friday
CAPH: Defecerunt prae JACQUES ARCADELT (ca. 1507 – 14 October 1568)
ALEPH: Ego vir videns COSTANZO FESTA (ca. 1485/1490 – 10 April 1545)
Tristis est anima mea Gregorian Chant, Liber Usualis

Holy Saturday
IOTH: Manus Muilerium CARPENTRAS (ca. 1470 – June 14, 1548)
RES: Sordes eius in pedibus JACQUES ARCADELT (ca. 1507 – 14 October 1568)
Tenebrae Factae sunt Gregorian Chant, Liber Usualis
KYRIE: Parce famulis CLAUDIN DE SERMISY (c. 1490 – 13 October 1562)

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