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ShowsHappening gives event organisers and venues the tools to launch, sell and promote tickets for events of all sizes.

ShowsHappening launched in May 2013 and has sold tickets for over 400 events including Malta's biggest events like Joseph Calleja 2016, Rockestra, The Sound of Music and Bla Kondixin and Eden Leusire (Comedy Club). ShowsHappening is also used by other regular events like G7, Sunglasses at Night, Blank, Eden leisure Electro Lobster, Events By Martin and many more.

Our software puts event organiser in complete control of their events, in real time, with some really nice features. To create an event on ShowsHappening a user simply need to create an account and fill in event details, once approved by us an event can be up and running in no time. The back end contains full reporting and all the tools that you need to sell tickets online including daily updates at midnight and a whole lot more.

You can take a tour of some of our features here, you will also discover many more and we've also added many more since making that page.

Your very own event page

Mobile friendly

ShowsHappening works easily from the majority of devices including mobiles and tablets. This accounts to 33% of ticket buyer traffic and more than that if you include tablets. This is essential these days.


Tickets are delivered instantly to ticket buyers. They are then quickly scanned from mobiles at the event. No need to print out tickets in this neighborhood let alone travel anywhere. Ticket buyers can also view, resend or even send tickets to friends and family from their dashboard.

Complete control over everything

Keep track and manage your event details, tickets, shows, seating and guests in real time.

Event details

Setting up your own event is as easy as setting up a Facebook event. You get control over everything and update as and when needed.

Ticket types

Control your own tickets and instantly add, remove, suspend ticket types and prices. You are easily able to run several releases of tickets at different prices as you might see foreign clubs and events doing.

Guest list

Use your dashboard to access your live statistics or simply download a spread sheet with all the data of all your ticket buyers.

ShowsHappening organiser tools

Our seating solution is second to none

It is easy, fast, transparent and very reliable. Yes we even have that feature where you can show an image from each seat.

Please, don't take our word for it, try it out here. Click here to go to a demo event page where you can 'buy' a ticket for this seated demo event. You can also use the coupon code 'EASIER' to get the Standing tickets for free at checkout.

Seating plan

Fast secure scanning

A fast, user friendly scanning application for minimal queue time that scans from print to mobile easily.

The equipment is inexpensive (Laptop + QR reader) to purchase, and we lend it out free of charge to clients who need them for one off events.

Ticket Scanning

Sell tickets from your website too

Apart from selling tickets via our site you can easily (very very easily) sell tickets directly from your own website or indeed any number of other sites at the same time. It is as easy as embedding a youtube video on your website.

White Label Solution

ShowsHappening can also be used to power your very own ticketing site by whitelabelling and re-branding our site to make it your own. Contact us for further information about how to go about doing this. Things can happen a lot easier and quicker than you might imagine.

ShowsHappening Iframe

Marketing tools

Use tools we create to contact your audience or issue coupon codes or coplimentary tickets to individuals or groups. For example send a coupon code to all your sponsors' staff or run a special offer on all or selected tickets.

With an ever growing number of users we regularly promote events to our user base by email or via other channels.


Issuing memberships instead of tickets? Easy peasy, at the click of a button. Require information with each purchase (University, Telephone etc) - already done. Just say go.

Other features

  • Limit purchases by IP address or County IP address.
  • Ticket holders can send tickets to their friends by email.

Completely transparent

With ShowsHappening you always know exactly what is going on. You'll also start using it to gauge your event, to invest more or less before the event. It will become a tool you wonder how you managed without.

How much do we charge?

Our rates vary according to the event and your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Join the evolution

We are constantly developing our software to meet our customer's needs. Tell us about an idea for a feature and if we deem it fit - hey presto, we shall make it available.

Thanks for reading

We can be contacted by email on hello@showshappening.com.

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