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Embark on a captivating musical journey through Malta's history, from ancient Phoenician times to modern independence. With a diverse ensemble of six musicians, experience the rich tapestry of Maltese heritage woven through melodious tunes and immersive storytelling.

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Ticket sales for Echoes of Malta. "A Musical Journey Through History" unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Wednesday 26-Jun-2024. Ticket sales ended at Wednesday 26-Jun-2024 20:00.


Immerse yourself in an epic musical journey that narrates the fascinating history of Malta, from the arrival of the ancient Phoenicians to the celebration of its independence. This unique and exciting concert will transport you through the ages, reviving crucial moments from the island's rich and varied history.

Each historical chapter will be presented with captivating melodies and inspiring narrations that highlight the cultural influences of the different civilisations that have left their mark on Malta. From the sacred rituals of the megalithic temples and the arrival of the Phoenicians, to the influence of the Carthaginians, Roman domination, Byzantine transition, Arab conquest, and the arrival of the Normans, each stage comes to life in an immersive auditory experience.

With the influence of the Knights of St John and the brief French rule, to the long British presence and eventual independence, each note will immerse you in the spirit of the era. The narrative will culminate with Malta's entry into the European Union, marking a new chapter in its ongoing evolution.

Performed by a talented group of six musicians, including violin, flute, viola, cello, piano, and percussion, the concert offers a rich and diverse auditory experience. Each instrument adds its own voice to the musical narrative, creating an immersive atmosphere that will make you feel as if you are travelling through time.

This event is a unique celebration that connects the past with the present, offering an experience that will not only entertain but also educate and inspire. Do not miss this opportunity to explore the history of Malta through a series of sounds and emotions that will leave a lasting impression. Come and be part of this monumental celebration of Maltese heritage and resilience.