We’re a boutique agency who knows how to build awareness about your business. We build reputations through a prized network of influential connections, through memorable and successful events and with a brand strategy that will knock your socks off. We’re a comfortable and cosy fit for your team. We prefer to integrate with your organisation rather than keep an outsider’s point of view. We see things your way. And while we may be striped, we love working with other personalities, be they plain, chequered, herringbone or polka dotted. When circumstance calls for ceremony – be it solemn or celebratory, we’ll answer the call. Be it a press conference or a gala, we know how to get bums in seats and feet tapping to the music. We’re specialists in music events, with a number of musician gigs and charity events under our belt. We helped orchestrate Ivan Grech’s concert at Ta’ Liesse, which raised €20,000 for ALS Malta in 2017 and €30,000 in for Puttinu. Winter Moods’ 30th anniversary gig in 2015 raised more than €40,000 once again for Puttinu . We have been organizing exclusive gala receptions for New Year’s Eve at the Xara Lodge every year since 2016 (except for last year!).


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