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Laugh till your sides hurt! On June 6th, 20:00 at Date Art Cafe, enjoy a stand-up comedy show with Mustafa Algiyadi. Expect joy, great company, and delicious drinks. Ticket includes a welcome drink and appetizers. No age restrictions. Mustafa's humor ranges from silly to dark. Check his website. Date Art Cafe: where life is a date.

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Ticket sales for A Little Loving Hurts No One unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Thursday 06-Jun-2024. Ticket sales ended at Thursday 06-Jun-2024 20:00.


Get ready to laugh till your sides hurt! 

On the 6th of June at 20:00 at Date Art Cafe be ready for a night of fun and good vibes as we present a Stand-Up comedy show featuring the incredibly talented comedian, Mustafa Algiyadi, who is coming back to Malta by popular demand.

Mustafa Algiyadi is the co-founder of the first weekly and longest running English Stand Up Comedy Club in Munich. Mustafa's humour is eclectic, spanning the spectrum from the silliest to the darkest, all mixed with a semi intellectual demeanor, that adds to the severe imposter syndrome that he has. Check Mustafa's website - https://www.mustafaalgiyadi.com/

This event promises to deliver joy in abundance. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy great company, delicious drinks, and unforgettable comedy at Date Art Cafe!

Ticket includes welcome drink and something to open your appetite.

No age restrictions