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The Stand Up Comedy show that is taking the Brighton Fringe Festival by a storm is coming to Malta this summer!

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Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for A Little Killing Hurts No One - English Stand Up Comedy in Malta! unfortunately have now finished!


About the show:

In "A little killing hurts no one", Mustafa Algiyadi manoeuvres through the European way of life from the lens of an Arab, longing so bad to be part of it, yet confronted with some cultural differences that makes it....confusing! 

If you are up for deconstructing people's behaviours, talk about war, religion, meditation, velvet sofas and to learn that maybe some killing is not so bad after all then you got to see this stand up comedy show and enjoy all that with laughters along the way.

About Mustafa Algiyadi @Mustafa_algiyadi

Mustafa Algiyadi is the co-founder of the first weekly and longest running English Stand Up Comedy Open Mic in Munich. Mustafa's humour is eclectic, spanning the spectrum from the silliest to the darkest, all mixed with a semi intellectual demeanor, that adds to the severe imposter syndrome that he has. He found out that the best way to battle this is to go on a tour with his show.

Reviews from the sell-out run at Brighton Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2023:

  • Hilarious!! Clever, well thought out and excellently delivered. Brilliant comedian - must tell all my friends! Anjli (Brighton)
  • Blessed, funny style Bro!
  • Enjoyed. Love you from Dan and Mika
  • We loved Mustafa’s gentle ribbing…
  • Very characteristic and amazing energy
  • Awesome. Very funny, recommended!
  • Really enjoyed it! So much fun and affordable for broke student :)
  • Absolutely hysterical!! Will you marry me?!
  • Great standup journey! Did not stop laughing! Great jokes! Thank you :)
  • Excellent great job! Sam
  • Loved it!
  • Fun fun fun! :)
  • It was such a joy to meet you and it is so easy to see that you are a wonderful human being a "funny" comedian!
  • Genuinely very funny. I loved it!
  • So funny! Very sharp and characteristic with great observations
  • The show was great fun - very topical jokes and I had tears from laughter! We'd definitely recommend!
  • Super engaging and hilarious!
  • Mustafa was articulate! Impressed you kept the crowd going when it was quiet.
  • Amazing show! Made some uncomfortable topics fun in the weirdest of ways!
  • Meditation scene was my fave, gave me a good giggle. Great energy <3
  • Absolutely fantastic, a hidden gem!
  • Hopefully you won’t to “Ka-kaa” me by the end! Just kidding, good luck!
  • Loved the risque edge to the show. Ready to risk awkward moments for a laugh!
  • Really great improv and quick witted :)
  • Fantastically funny and quick witted. Big up Essex. 
  • Such a great show! Couldn’t stop laughing the whole hour. Best way to spend the evening :)
  • Review sandwich: very funny, bit self-deprecating, marry me!
  • Extremely funny and entertaining! A fringe delight x
  • Seems like a really chill dude and funny stuff! would recommend :)
  • Really amazing - the best comedy I’ve seen at the Fringe for years! Bill
  • Stumbled across Mustafa at the Brighton Fringe and had so much fun. Refreshing, slick, entertaining and authentic. Highly recommended xxx
  • Brilliant! Mustafa, Libyans are known to be funny in Arttabic, so to hear you do it in English was amazing! Fantastic!
  • Very lovely and original <3 <3
  • Laughed a lot, really funny guy.
  • Super lustig, especially the sofa story.

You will be greeted with a welcome drink.

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  • Mixers: Coke | Tonic | Orange Juice | Apple Juice | Ginger Ale | Sprite 
  • Wines by the glass: Red wine | White wine | rose wine | sparkling wine
  • Beer
  • Soft drinks | Fruit Juices: selection. Please ask the bartender.


Bar Food Snacks

  • Breaded shrimps | lemon aioli
  • Pizza Margarita | Chourizo | Cheese lover | Parma Ham
  • Mozzarella sticks | fruit Jam
  • Chicken wings | Chili sauce
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