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The little world that comes to you….90 minutes of role play sessions for children aged under 6 years old at Flora's in Naxxar.

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During the pandemic, as we were not able to host our big events we recreated an entirely mobile role play town for kids aged between 1 to 6 years old to explore, discover and enjoy. Little Peeps Travelling Town is a down scaled version of our Little Peeps Pop Up Town which is designed to accommodate smaller groups of children which is currently being required by the heath authorities for the time being. However, it gives the children the same experience of our ever so popular Pop Up Town. 

We have recreated 7 of our most popular role play booths which include: Little Savers supermarket, Little Paw Vet Clinic, Fire/Police station, Little Star Café, our construction site, Starlets theater and park area. We also promise lots of fun surprises along our ring road that surrounds our play town.  We have set up our travelling town in a number of schools and nurseries all over the island in this past year and it has been a huge success. So we are now ever so thrilled to be able to offer play sessions with a strict limited number of children to the public.

 We offer 90 mins of free role play fun in which your child can fully immerse themselves in their own world of play. Between the 12th October to 2nd November, we will be hosting 2 play sessions daily each 90 minutes long. We have a very strict number of kids limit that will attend each session and strict rules and regulations apply. We are also encouraging people to book in bubbles as much as possible.

All our toys are highly setrilized in between sessions and we have a number of measures in place to safe guard all our staff and guests during our play sessions. Please read our strict rules and regulations provided in this print out before attending your booked play session with us.


Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket and entering our premises, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

All parents/guardians acknowledge that Little Peeps Travelling town is not a supervised play session and accept full responsibility for the supervision of the children in their care at all times.

(1.0)     Tickets & transfers

(1.1)     The ticket price includes admission to Little Peeps Travelling Town.

(1.2)     One child ticket entitles a child plus one adult (subject to a space being booked) entry into the play session for one allocated 90 minute play session.  

(1.2.1)   If you (the customer) pre-books tickets and do not allocate/book a space for all in your party attending, Little Peeps reserve the right to refuse entry if the maximum capacity has been reached on that session. A refund will not be given and only those booked will be permitted entry.

(1.3)     All children must pay admission to enter Little Peeps Travelling Town.

 (1.3.1)   A ‘child’ is any infant, toddler or child that is walking or can manoeuvre around the building with a walking aid in order to access activities in the play areas.

(1.3.2)   An ‘adult’ is a parent or guardian over the age of 18 years entering Little Street with a ‘child’ or ‘pre-walker’.

(1.4)     Where tickets are purchased on behalf of others, the buyer accepts responsibility for notifying all those in their party of Little Peeps terms and conditions.

(1.5)     All Little Peeps Travelling town tickets are non-refundable unless however, in the event that you cannot attend due to quarantine, we will refund your ticket, proof will need to be provided. The shows happening booking fee is not refundable.

(1.6)     Transfers for any pre-booked tickets are only available within the same event period. These cannot be transferred to any of our future Little peeps travelling town events.  Little Peeps needs to receive notice a minimum of 24 hrs prior to the start time.

(1.7)     Little Peeps Travelling Town has an age limit of children aged between 1 to 6 years old. We will not accept children older or younger to attend our play sessions, since Little Peeps Travelling Town is especially designed for children between these ages. 

(1.8)    Spaces are limited for each session and only those with a valid ticket will be allowed entry into the building.

(1.9)   Little Peeps Travelling Town reserves the rights to postpone or reschedule the event if is has to for reasons beyond our control. 

(1.10)  Ticket prices are listed in Euros on this site. Prices are inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors after booking.

 (2.1)     When you purchase a ticket from here you will receive an email confirmation with a booking reference number. This email constitutes proof of booking however is not proof of payment. A further email will be sent from our payment merchant eWAY as proof of purchase. Please ensure you have the booking confirmation number and the name of the person who booked when you arrive at the main entrance of the play session.

(2.3)     It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the session date and time on your email confirmation. Mistakes cannot always be rectified and entry will only be permitted for the number of tickets stated on the confirmation.


 (3.0)     Session Times & Closures 

(3.1)     We operate pre-defined play sessions. You may turn up at any time during a play session but you will be required to leave at the end of that session even if you have not been there for the full 90 minutes. It is your responsibility to arrive in time for your session and we cannot be held responsible for any delays you may experience. Refunds and transfers will not be given if you miss your session or part of it.

 (4.0)     Rules of Entry

(4.1)     Little Peeps does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children within the premises, therefore all children must be supervised by a responsible adult/guardian at all times.

(4.2)     To prevent the spread of infection children who are unwell, or who have been unwell, must not visit the center for 48 hours. Refunds will not be given and transfers require a minimum of 24hours notice.

(4.3)     If a child or adult visiting Little Peeps is sick or infectious whilst onsite they must leave the premises immediately or will be asked to do so. No refunds or credits will be offered in these circumstances.

(4.4)     Little Peeps reserve the right to deny admission or ask a person to leave that has already gained entry if they do not abide by our rules, if they pose a danger or threat of staff or customers, for any illegal activities or offensive behaviour.  

(4.5)     Any person causing willful damage to the facilities, fixtures or fittings of Little Peeps will be liable to pay for any damage caused. This includes any damage caused by misuse of equipment and/or failure to abide by our ‘Rules of entry’ & ‘Rules of play’.

(4.6)     With the exception of Exclusive Hire or arrangements agreed privately with management, visitors may not bring outside food and drink to the play session.

(4.7)     Visitors must remove their shoes and wear socks in the play areas or get a pair of shoe covers or buy our shoe covers priced at 2 Euros each at entrance . There is no exception to this rule. 

(5.0)     Photography

(5.1)     We allow photographs to be taken by customers of their children. We ask that all visitors to Little Peeps are careful to avoid taking pictures of other children.

(5.2)     Little Peeps cannot be held responsible for any images posted on to a public website without prior permission from the persons in the photograph or their guardians.

  • It is your responsibility to check your tickets.

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