The first nine years have been somewhat challenging as we far exceeded the expected progress, and thus wasn’t easy to keep to our high standards and continuing to improve. However, thanks to all the people that have contributed somehow to our project, we have achieved the consistency desired and improved on the quality of our service. Kinetic Dance Studio evolved from an idea back in 2014, and we wanted a name which could reflect both of us in terms of our dancing abilities. On Monday 22nd September, Kinetic Dance Studio Officially opened its doors and welcomed its first batch of students in Vittoriosa. The first group counted 40 students, which has consistently increased throughout the years. In 2017 we embarked on an ambitious project which has led to another success, that of investing in a new state of the art premises and also giving a new look to the school with the rebranding to Kinetic Dance Academy. Kinetic Dance Academy is well aware that in order to give the best service to its student, we must always work hard to improve and always keep learning. Kinetic Dance Academy was founded on the basis of movement. From the very beginning, it quickly became clear that Kinetic was going to be a celebration in homage to the beautiful language of dance - of expression in all it’s varying forms. We as a collective are extremely dedicated to sharing our knowledge and passion for DANCE with each Student in the hopes of helping them achieve their own personal goals. Clayton Mifsud and Daphne Gatt, the Academy Directors and founders of Kinetic Dance Academy, believes that with QUALITY instruction and a nurturing environment, all Students no matter the age or level of Ability can challenge themselves to reach new heights. Dance is for everyone. It is not exclusive, and it is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. For this reason, Kinetic strives to breed a positive attitude in all who enter its walls. We firmly believe that dance is a powerful therapeutic tool. It fosters a respect for the art that translates into daily life in a way that enriches the individual for the better. We come to work happy and excited every day because we truly LOVE what we do. It is our hope that we can share that gift with you and hopefully one day, you can share it with someone else. Kinetic Dance Academy thrives upon the ENERGY of those within it, so remember to always keep it moving. Since its inception, Kinetic has been trusted to perform in popular productions such as; Kumpanija Teatru Rjal – (Pantomimes for 7 consecutive years, Jesus Christ Superstar Musical) & Musicals Just 7, 1565 The Battle Through Dance at Birgu by Candle Light, Malta Olympic Committee Awards for 3 consecutive years, Local resident dancers for Kaxxa Maghluqa, Show off TV, Tiskanta, Hadd Ghalik TV Shows, Bronk Productions - Il-Perit Muscal, Opening Ceremony for Malta Business Entrepreneur, Malta Sports Awards Opening & Interval Acts for 3 consecutive years, Bla Kondixin Productions for 3 consecutive years, Danusan for 4 consecutive years, EU DG Meeting Opening Ceremony, Freddie Portelli Live in concert, Ghanja tal-Poplu Opening Act, Make Up Factory Opening Ceremony, Malta’s Junior Eurovision Performance in Belarus and in Armenia, Kotba Jiehdu il-Hajja for 2 consecutive years, V18 Dance Show on Triton Fountain, Elbros Ltd 30th Anniversary Event, X-Factor Official Dancers, Choreographers & Mentors for Season 1, 2 & 3, Miss Malta Opening Ceremony, One Tribute Opening & Interval Act, Music Videos – Red Electric / Come Alive , Destiny – All of my Love & Je Ma Casse for ESC, Christian Arding / Ghajjejt Inhobb & more local singers, Malta Film Awards Opening 2022, Malta’s Got Talent Finalists and resident dancers. At KINETIC we strive to create a safe space, a place to channel creativity and cultivate it into something special and uniquely beautiful to each dancer. Our goal is to motivate dancers to explore all forms of expression through movement and through the art of dance.


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