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Malta Finance Week has been designed specifically for the local Maltese payments and compliance communities and will feature crucial insights into all the very latest developments in these key sectors as well as opportunities to build new relationships and cement existing ones.

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May 28, 29 2024









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Malta may be one of the world’s smallest countries, but it is a vibrant business hub where fintech start-ups, iGaming operators, payment providers, fund managers, insurance firms, and family offices work in walking distance from each other. Malta’s GDP is forecast to grow by 4% in 2024 in comparison to the UK which forecasts less than 1% growth in the same period. Much of this growth is and has been based around regulated businesses in the financial services and iGaming sectors and this has resulted in the development of significant communities of payments and compliance professionals on the island.
Although Malta is a world-renowned venue for corporate events, these communities have been relatively under-serviced. Malta Finance Week will change that completely.
Day One of Malta Finance Week will cover all the very latest developments in the world of payments. An array of world-class speakers will participate in panel discussions and round tables covering payments topics such as mobile payments and the rise of super apps; social commerce; the growth of alternative payment rails such as instant payments and buy now, pay later solutions; and the adoption of technology such as generative AI, open banking, and blockchain. Day Two will be dedicated to the key issues in compliance for 2024: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Generative AI; Climate change & ESG; Geopolitical pressure; Financial crime; Fraud; Increased regulations ; Cybercrime.