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Malta's Carnival is renowned for its lively colours, captivating costumes, artistic expressions, & an atmosphere of spontaneity. This year at Esplora, as part of our Carnival festivities, we aim to embody this spirit through the event, Karta Festa. We invite you to join us during this event, where paper will take centre stage, through hands-on activities and playful exploration.

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Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for Karta Festa - Carnival at Esplora unfortunately have now finished!


At Karta Festa, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the art of tinkering and making while exploring the science behind traditional artistic crafts. You will also discover the art of paper crafting, from DIY paper-making to intricate papier-mâché and large-scale paper constructions.

Beyond the fun and creativity, Karta Festa has a deeper message. Visitors will discover the art of upcycling  by learning techniques to transform unusable paper into practical items. This not only fosters creativity but also instils positive feelings toward repurposing materials that would otherwise have been discarded. Karta Festa at Esplora is not just any other Carnival celebration. It's a commitment to sustainability and a reminder that even among the fun and joy of carnival, we can make a positive impact on our environment.

So, bring your children wearing their favourite costumes, and join us in turning the pages of yesterday into the stories of tomorrow!

Here's a sneak peek of the exciting activities awaiting you during Esplora’s Carnival celebration:


RestawraKarru (Drop-in Activity)

Help the Esplora team fix bits and pieces of our Carnival float while learning the art of papier-mâché using materials such as old newspapers;


KreaKarru (Drop-in Activity)

It’s time to use your creativity to design your own artistic piece, which will make up a part of Esplora’s own Carnival float, using an unusual material – cardboard boxes;

DIY Paper-making Workshop

Instead of making paper from raw materials, by chopping down trees, let’s learn all about the technique of recycling your old and overused paper into new sheets;

Code-a-Parade Workshop

Join the Valletta street parade on the Matata Talebot, create a LEGO Carnival float, and use coding to guide your dance group to designated stops for a lively dancing parade;

Beautiful Bubbles Science Show

Who doesn’t love bubbles? It is Esplora’s very own show that never ceases to amaze people of all ages. Join us for a show full of colourful bubbles to boost the Carnival cheer;

Let’s See Colour (Scheduled Activity)

Little ones can enjoy free play with rainbow blocks, while interacting with the light table, exploring how different colours behave in light;

Face painting 

Face painting will be available during the event, to help our young visitors get into the Carnival spirit!