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Tales of our Times - Piano Concert by Chris Jarrett

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Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for Tales of our Times unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Tuesday 27-Jun-2023. Ticket sales ended at Monday 26-Jun-2023 20:00.


Tales of our Times

Piano Concert by Chris Jarrett


"I suppose it is usually better to let the newspapers and journalists describe what they felt about my music.

What do I think of my piano music? What I know is: it comes from the heart and from my mind without (at least consciously) attempting to copy any other style. It can be „educative“ in that it is thought-provoking and has a very wide range of expression. In the end it is just me trying to communicate my feelings and ideas about myself and the times we are living in. I don’t think you always need words to do this – in this way much of my music is „theatrical“ or „story-like,“ literary and explanatory. Listeners must really listen from the first note to the last to get the picture – in this sense it expects a more „classical“ reception even though, on the other hand, the rhythms are often insistent enough and may appeal to jazz-lovers. I don’t improvise in a continuum on the piano, but bundle the music into seperate pieces with clear and sometimes very programmatic titles. Each piece will therefore be it’s own entity. I hold musical form and structure in high regard".

I will let some journalists explain how they see and felt my music:

"A stunned and enthusiastic audience... One should be cautious with exuberant praise, but that was just terrific."

OH- Online (Eutiner Festspiele) (08.03.22)

"His music includes, in surprising combinations, expressive improvisation, complex jazz variations, musical abstractions, classical harmony, profoundly moving, delicate melodies or simply silence from which an echo of sound remains - it is creative , emotional, pictorial and unique, and was able to convinced the audience, which repeatedly rewarded the artist with applause"

Swidnica 24.pl, Poland 09.03.20

"When pressing the keys with such energy, such pianistic fury, but also with such brilliance and subtlety of attack, while virtually incorporating the bulky instrument ... [he awakens] associations to the mythical Centaur - half human, half piano ... full of fantasy, original, bursting with energy and technically perfect."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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