Ticket sales finished!

Ticket sales for Double Standard // BILA unfortunately have now finished! The last day of this event was on Friday 01-Mar-2024. Ticket sales ended at Saturday 02-Mar-2024 02:00.



Caustic Hardcore/Noise Punk band, characterised by high octane socially and humour charged bursts of energy in visceral and ragey, Maltese song form.

The trio started out towards the end of 2014 and later on released debut EP ‘Liba’ on cassette with Youth of Today, a small label from Venice (now re-released digitally with Malta-based KEWN records). This led to tours both in Malta and Italy, namely Venice in 2015. BILA has played multiple venues across Malta and at festivals such as Rock the South Malta and Sickfest among others. BILA were also invited to perform in the annual ‘Malta Takes London’ event both in 2016 and 2017, at Proud Camden and Blundell Studios respectively. BILA had their first 7’’ release ‘Do What I Want’ on Canadian Imprint Kingfisher Bluez and KEWN records in June 2018 to great success. In late 2018, BILA released their EP Bestjarju on KEWN records and after which played multiple shows and a mini tour in the UK in February 2019.

In late 2019 BILA had the opportunity to tour alongside Illinois-based post-metal band Staghorn across the American Midwest to promote the release of their EP ‘Deheb, Inċens u BILA’. In 2024, the band is now preparing for the release of a brand new album.



Running to the hills at full speed since 2016, Double Standard seeks to expose the two-faced nature of our surroundings. Still, fun is allowed – actually it's mandatory. Who the hell could take all this crap without laughing at the face of absurdity at least sometimes. Punk is our style of music, at hardcore tempo, but without being a grimy crust bulldozer. We like to adorn the songs with some melodies and even a few bright colours. Someone once called us post-skatepunk, and although I wouldn’t have come up with the term myself, somehow it makes sense. In fact, originally, these songs started coming out with the intention of giving some local skater kids the chance to get all punked up. That didn’t really happen (yet). Instead our shows have been crowded by ageing hipsters. But we’ve had some good times and left a couple of recordings as a testimony. Not too bad. Looking forward to adding some more chaos, noise, disturbance and confusion to the already dense and tense fabric of the Maltese islands, and leaving a trail of spilled beer wherever we may roam...