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Saturday, 15 June 2024 at 21:00

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After the sell-out success of Behind the Red Door: A Speakeasy Party we shift our time-machine to the 50s/60s! Don your favourite vintage outfit and join us Behind the Red Door where a wave of Swing, Surf and Rock n'Roll music, will get your twisting and shouting through the night.
Gorgobot and Dr. Zicotron channel the sound of the era making it impossible for your feet to stay still.
Grab a friend, and and get ready to boogie your way through a night to remember.
Tickets: 10€
Dresscode: Pinup, Greease, Rock n'Roll
Think Grease, Pin-up hotness or your take on the Rock n'Roll era.
Doors open at 9pm, where the hosts will warm you up with a happy hour till 10.30pm, after which the red door opens