The Teatru Salesjan, which has been in operation since 1908 (formely known as Juventutis Domus, a house for the young) , forms part of the Salesian Oratory, a non profit organisation providing educational opportunities for the development of young people. The theatre complex is a formative, family oriented environment for young people to develop their creative and communicative skills and appreciation for the arts through dialogue, driven by education. The complex has the potential to act as a hub for creative young individuals with the goal of developing themselves holistically, and eventually contribute to the building of a stronger creative society. The theatre has to be in a position to help people come close to and become protagonists of culture. This has to be done in order to create artistic movements that would shape our younger, fast developing generations. It provides spaces for dialogue both on a national and international dimension through various art forms. Ultimately, amongst others, education is what defines culture. By investing in young people’s education they become direct protagonists of culture.


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