Venue MALTA and UK
Date 29-September-2018

APOTHEOSIS.................."Cometh the hour, cometh the man." What happens when a woman tries to breaks into a man's world? A new multi-media theatre project, written by John Baraldi, Directed by Marc Cabourdin, visual designs by Ritty Tacsum.Music by Arvo Part. Produced by Annalisa Schembri. read more

Saturday, 29-Sep-2018 at 10:00

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"Cometh the hour, cometh the man." 

What happens when a woman tries to breaks into a man's world? 

A new multi-media theatre project, written by John Baraldi, Directed by Marc Cabourdin, visual designs by Ritty Tacsum.
Music by Arvo Part. 

Produced by Annalisa Schembri.
To be performed in Malta in March 2019 and on tour in the UK subsequently.

With a little help from our friends, this can happen!

"Wow. What a sweep of a story.  It absolutely works - you can see it, hear it, get the power of it
Congratulations.  No small feat you have pulled off!" 

Deborah Burton, Director, Tippingpoint 

The concept of this play is complicated, yet simple – it is a theatrical event and not merely a script for staging.
An old woman tries to set the record straight - her political memoirs will create a firestorm. Surrounded by corruption, she intends to dismantle the political structures around her.

A story of a woman who rose from poverty to become the first female leader of her nation. Success! But at what price?

The production sets out to explore a post-colonial society, an emerging democracy, a world in which identity and culture defines politics. It an attempt to use art to explore contemporary issues - aesthetics meet politics.

The script has been built around and influenced by a modern classical music composition – Arvo Part’s "Lamentate" – and the play’s structure tracks the 10 movements of the score, using Part’s musical description of each movement to provide the mood and content each scene. The classical myth of Marsyas (a man challenges the gods) is the basis for Part’s music – a homage to a massive sculpture by Anish Kapoor created for Tate Modern in London. Thus classical myth meets sculpture meets classical music meets theatre.

Part’s music is performed live by a pianist who is joined in the final scene by a young singer.

The play uses documentary material at times – and has been strongly influenced by academic writings, interviews, and interviews. Recorded imagery – both stills and video act as a counterpoint to the text, and the images are selected and edited to fit Part’s music.

The structure is simple – influenced by Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape,” the premise being an old person looking back upon life. Krapp has his tapes; a former Prime Minister has her diaries, photographs, and years’ worth of documents – stored in boxes which surround her.

The play concludes with video, voice and piano.......a multi-media resolution to dramatic events.

It is envisaged that the play will tour to the UK  and the EU, the aim being to promote contemporary Maltese theatre on a world stage.  The creative team includes noted Maltese actor/director Marc Cabourdin and the extraordinary young visual artis, Ritty Tacsum

In the end, the process has resulted in a script which challenges both the actress and the audience – a contemporary piece of classical dimensions. It is being workshopped and developed for a rehearsed reading in London at Riverside Studios in October 2018 with Paulette Randall directing.

The play can be summed up by Arvo Part’s word’s -  “I have written a lament – not for the dead, but for the living.”


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